Price List

For heartfelt care at competitive prices, call Emily on 01244 660224.

Additional Dog Walks (1 hour) may also be arranged.

Boarding fees are levied from the arrival date up to and inclusive of departure date. The boarding fees are inclusive of food, heating and bedding. No discount is given if owners bring in their own food. In the event of owners returning before the end of the booking, the full booked period will be charged.

We accept cash and debit cards. No pet will be released unless payment is received in full. A 50% none refundable or transferable deposit is required from all customers. Any cancellation not notified within 48hours of commencement of the booking will be liable to payment of the total booking value.

If we are with customers or our boarders, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Any customer failing to honour a booking without any notification will be liable for payment in full.

For heartfelt care at competitive prices, call Emily and our team on 01244 660 224.