Terms and Conditions of Boarding

Boarding fees are levied from the arrival date up to and inclusive of departure date.

In the event of owners returning before the end of the booking, the total booked period will still be charged.

We accept payment by (preferably) Debit Card or, when not practical, Cash.

No pet will be released unless payment is received in full.

Any cancellation not notified within 48 hours of commencement date of the booking will be liable to 50% payment of the total booking value.

Any customer failing to honour a booking without any notification will be liable for payment in full.

Pets turned away due to incorrect/out of date vaccinations will be liable to 50% payment of the total booking value.

A non refundable deposit is required for new customers and existing customers during busy periods.

No discount is given if owners bring in their own food.

Veterinary attention will be given if considered necessary and charged to the owner on collection.

Full disclosure of your pets current medical conditions are required to ensure that no unnecessary veterinary expense is incurred by the owner.

Please do not bring in feeding bowls as we supply these.

Bedding is provided, but if you wish to bring in your own, please keep it to a minimum.

We cannot be held liable for Items brought in with your pet (e.g. toys, carriers, scratching posts, leads, bedding).

Pets may only share a pen if they are from the same family and the pet’s owner has signed the booking form.

We reserve the right to split pets from the same home if aggressive tendencies are shown towards each other. The owner will then be liable to single occupancy charges.

We reserve the right to refuse boarding to cats and dogs that appear to require veterinary attention or display aggressive tendencies on arrival.

Customer information held by us, is held for three years from the last booking as per our licensing requirements and six years for HMRC (with no customer identifiable data), and then destroyed. No digital information is retained by us.

Cats. Must be in a suitable carrier. We are unable to accept cats carried in their owners arms.

No Tom cats are permitted on site. Male cats must be neutered prior to reaching 6 months of age.

Dogs. All dogs must be on a collar and lead upon arrival (gun dog leads are acceptable).

Large dogs are labrador height (54cm or above, to the shoulder) or weigh 25Kg or more. Giant dogs weigh 40Kg or more. Size will be confirmed on arrival

Vaccination Requirements:

Please remember to bring your vaccination certificate with you. All animals must be vaccinated, and proof of vaccination must be shown before your pet can be admitted into our care. We retain the vaccination certificates on file until your pet’s departure.

Booster vaccinations are required on a annual basis (unless stated differently by your veterinarian), and must be within date on arrival. The due date of the next booster must be clearly shown on the vaccination certificate.

Dog’s also require: Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccinations on an annual basis and this must be administered at least 10 clear days prior to their arrival with us.